UNICHEM CHEMICALS LTD established in 1993 to produce cleaning materials for both industrial and domestic fields. UNICHEM has aimed to produce and introduce high quality materials to the market. We have a number of unique products in our portfolio.
Our product range has 150 products which is introduced in 300 of packagings to the market.

Industrial product topics are as follows :

· Kitchen hygiene products,
· Laundry hygiene products,
· General cleaning and sanitizing products for housekeeping,
· Carpet and upholstery cleaning & maintenance products,
· Floor cleaning & maintenance products,
· Personal cleaning, hygiene and disinfection products,
· Cleaning, disinfection and special purpose cleaners for food and beverage industries,
· Disinfection, cleaning and personel hygiene products for pharmaceutical industry,
· General and special purpose products for manufacturing industry,
· Washing, stain removers and auxiliary products for textile industry.
. Car care products.
. Swimming pool care products.

Domestic purpose products are :

Kitchen products : washing up liquid, grease remover, powder detergent and rinse aid liquid for dish washers.
Laundry products : several types of powder detergents for both machines or manual use, oil and dirt removing liquids, fabric softeners, oxygen or chlorine bleaches.
General cleaners : normal or deodorising cleaners, cleaner with bleach, disinfectant cleaner for bathroom and toilets, air fresheners.
Personal hygiene : hand, face and body washing liquid (normal or antiseptic type), hair and body shampoos.

General production principles of UNICHEM are summarized below :

· Products are designed and produced with the respect to environment. The biodegradebility of most of our products are minimum %98.
· UNICHEM adopts and applies the latest technologies introduced to the world.
· New formulas designed by the R&D Department are tested together with several customers who are experts about the concerned types of products. After the new formula passes all of the tests, including cleaning or disinfection performance, matchibility of fragrance and general physical properties; then the formula takes place in our portfolio.
· Keeping the standards of production at the top level and using the most updated technology enable us to introduce products which are substantially better than rivals in quality of cleaning and cost of use.